Pyramid Valley "Earth Smoke" Pinot Noir 2020

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The Earth Smoke vineyard is named for the small magenta-flowered weed that grows on this particular block of the Pyramid Valley Vineyard.

The heavier soils on this part of the site produce a Pinot Noir with more weight and structure than the Angel Flower block.

It's a powerful wine, ripped in tannin and incredibly expressive. It's a wine that takes its time to unfurl in the glass, fruit, earth and floral tones all slowly revealing themselves.

It's a dazzling drinking expeience. Invariably an exquisite Pinot Noir that can hold its own against the finest in the world.

These wines are never made in large supply. 

If you're looking for a unique expression of Pinot Noir, do not hesitate to try the Earth Smoke from Pyramid Valley's Home Block.



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