Lallier Champagne!

Taste our new shipment from France!
And see why we are getting so excited about Lallier Champagne

Don't know Lallier? Here are a few facts from the file to help familiarise yourself:

  • Lallier is owned by winemaker Francis Tribaut
  • Lallier owns 15 hectares of vineyards, mostly Grand Crus around the village of Ay
  • This land provides 40% of grape supply and is farmed without pesticides
  • The Lallier style is to include 20% of reserve wines in each champagne
  • The dosage liqueur made from still wines destined for Blanc de Blancs & Ouvrage
  • Champagne Lallier was founded in 1906 by René Lallier
  • The company was sold to winemaker Francis Tibaut in 2004
  • Tibaut often uses natural yeasts from Chardonnay grown on the Loridon vineyard
  • He makes Lallier only from two grapes; Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Tibaut caps his production at 400,000 bottles of Lallier Champagne each year, which only makes it all the more special!


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