Independent Bottlers

What is an independent Bottler you say?

OK, here’s a Spark Notes version of what independent bottlers do.

Independent whisky bottlers are bottlers that buy whiskies from distilleries and bottle them themselves.

In a nutshell, that’s it.
Except, it’s also so much more than that.

Independent bottlers aren’t focused on profit or efficiency. They aren’t looking to squeeze every penny out of a cask or to release a whisky that is coherent with the distillery’s brand or signature.

They’re all about the whisky, man.
They experiment with longer maturation periods. They experiment with different casks and finishes. They bottle at cask strength, avoid chill-filtration and artificial colouring, and – in the main – only release single malts.

Independent whisky bottlers are whisky experts, for sure.
But they’re also craftsmen.
They use their experience (as well as maverick spirit and sense of adventure) to mature and handle whiskies in ways that bring out the flavour, enhance the character and bring new twists to the whisky.



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