About Beer and Wine Co

We are so much more than just your local beverage purveyors. At Hamilton Beer & Wine co, you’ll discover a hub of people, passion and education around the marvellous craft of fine wine, beer and spirits.

We have a 28-year history of keeping our regulars quenched with weekly tasting experiences, appreciation events and an extensive instore and online range. Our team of beverage experts know a hefeweizen from a witbier, and it’s likely that if you’re after something obscure and struggling to find it anywhere else, we’re your ticket.

Tasting sessions and Friday Night Highlights

Interested to learn more about what you're drinking? Our mezzanine floor is our go to for monthly tasting sessions. With floor to ceiling windows and a large television screen and camera, we can even Skype in growers from around the world to talk about their products. Ask our team about the monthly Beer Club as well as wine tastings, like our Friday Night Highlights.



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