JK.14 Premiata Officina Longanesi Gin Primo 700mL

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Gin Primo was born in Romagna and its name comes from a local tradition. In Italy, tradition wanted parents to give their firstborn the name Primo (the First). So when Federico, a young man from Cesena, decided to create his first gin, he decided to call it Primo, hoping there would be a second and a third and so on. Federico wanted his first Gin to be an expression of his region: strong, sociable and with a lively character, so he was inspired to use the flavour of the sea, Romagna salt. Because salt enhances every flavour in the kitchen, Gin Primo is excellent drunk alone but it is in mixing that it really gives its best. Primo has a strong and sincere character, which is why it has few botanicals: there is Lavender, which gives it lovely floral notes; "Santolina cenere" (cotton lavender), which gives a bitter note to the gin; Luigia grass (citron grass) which gives it a hint of citrus; and Tuscan Juniper. Romagna salt from Cervia is added just after the distillation.

Bright crystalline color. The nose perceives classic hints of juniper and light hints of salt, lavender and citrus. At first taste, the salt of Romagna is immediately decisive, accompanied by the balsamic/ bitter note of the juniper, while the lemon notes of the citron grass and the floral notes of lavender emerge. It is a gin of great power and harmonious balance in its aromatic flavours.

700mL | 43%ABV



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