Uiltje 'Fancy Pants' Brut IPA 330mL

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Prancing around like a 1970s pimp, you’ll be finding Fancy Pants one hell of a boss! Not just because his fancy pants, but the whole shebang. Slick glasses, a gold plated cane at his hand, and the champagne of the working class hero: A bone-dry, champagne like Brut IPA. The 6.5% hoppy goodness has made an entrance in the discotheques of our hearts and will probably never leave. Mister Fancy Pants smooth talked his way into our 2020 core range of beers, and without a doubt will be one of the main stars of the show. The chest hair won’t be distracting as the main flavors of white grape, grapefruit and stone fruit will be leaving you dry-mouthed and craving for more. Let’s have a fancy pants night!

6.5% ABV / 330mL



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