TW Reserve Chardonnay 2022

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Paul Tietjen and Geordie Witters formed TW Wines in 1998 as a pair of like minded friends keen to take Chardonnay to the next level. 

Their Gisborne vineyards grow on land they refer to as The Golden Slope, Gisborne's own little slice of Chardonnay bliss, which is sun drenched to optimise ripening and powerful flavours in this great white grape.

Their wines epitomise what the world has come to expect of its favourite white grape, Chardonnay, with their powerful, full bodied, big, barrel ferment characters of spice, creaminess and dry flavours, underpinned with notes of butter, caramel and cedar. 

This is a Chardonnay for those who adore the big flavours of full bodied styles with all the bells and whitles.



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