The Botanist Gin 1L

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The name 'Botanist' portrays the high level of botanicals included in the distillation. The Botanist is flavoured by 31 different botanicals. Nine of the traditional Gin aromatic botanicals are combined with a range of 22 native Island botanicals, including a rare subspecies of juniper. The wild botanicals are handpicked by the celebrated botanist Dr Gulliver and his team, with the final selection made by head distiller Jim McEwan. The taste is rich and mellow; cool on entry then as it reaches the back palate you can feel the warmth and absolute purity of slow unhurried distillation. This is a bewitching, delectable and luxurious gin; its citrus. Freshness excites and stimulates the taste buds allowing you to experience a starburst of flavours as they explode across the palate. All this from a beaten up old pot still, Operated by beaten up distillers on the coast of heaven.



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