Taittinger Brut NV + 2 Glasses Gift Pack

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One of France?s great Champagne houses with a history dating back to 1734. So you could imagine the nationwide horror when in 2005 Taittinger was bought by an American firm ? sacre bleu!

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, grandson of the original founder, was having none of that. He rustled up the cash (and a fair bit of it, he needed the help of French bank Cr?dit Agricole!), bought back his family?s business and sent the Yanks packing.

Taittinger prefer to blend a little bit more Chardonnay into the mix than most, giving it real elegance and finesse. A classy looking gift set with a bottle of Taittinger Champagne Brut Reserve (Non Vintage) and two Taittinger branded Champagne flutes.



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