Stella Artois Can 500ml

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The origins of Stella Artois can be traced back to 1366 and a brewery called Den Hoorn owned by the Artois family in the Belgian town of Leuven. Every year the Artois family brewed a Christmas beer and in 1926 the brew was so popular it became an all year round drink. It was christened with the name Stella, the Latin word for Star, and has become Belgium's best known lager beer. Stella Artois is a full-flavoured premium lager with a hoppy aroma and a hint of fruitiness. The Belgian beer has a fine, clean bitterness and is well balanced by its malt flavour.

Stella Artois should always be served chilled into a cool, clean glass, with a large creamy head. The overflowing head is sliced off with a clean knife, this is part of the 9 step pouring ritual that originates from Belgium. Stella Artois is dry, crisp and spicy, so matches well with foods like oysters, mussels and satay chicken.



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