State of Play non Alcoholic Nectaron Unfiltered Pale Ale 6x330mL

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Nectaron is a new hop from NZ Hops that has the complete Kiwi signature - it is very fresh, fruity and fun (and yum).  A lot (and I mean a lot) of Nectaron is added as a 'Dry Hop'.  This is at the very end of the brewing process.

Quick how-to-brew lesson: when you add hops to a brew they will give you different flavours at each stage of drinking the beer.  Hops added at the beginning of brewing will give you bitterness at the end. Hops added at the very end of brewing will give you the upfront aroma and flavour.

It is quite incredible this is a 0.3% beer.  Great work by the Bstudio brewing team.

<0.05% ABV / 6x330mL



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