Starward Fortis Single Malt Whisky 700ml

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Full-bodied flavour, velvety smoothness.

Fortis, coming from the Latin meaning ‘bold’ or ‘brave’, brings the intensity. It’s one of the highest proof bottlings that Starward have done to date, deftly balanced by the signature "Starward Smoothness". With the toasty oak and vanilla flavour from American Oak, and the juicy red wine profile from the shiraz and cabernet wine barrels, the boldness of Fortis beckons.

Fortis starts and ends with local Australian ingredients and expert Melbourne craftsmanship. The Starward tea, make the single malt with Australian malted barley and brewers’ yeast for a flavour-forward character.

Aged Fortis in American Oak barrels to give the whisky a richer taste and toasty oak and vanilla character. Most of these barrels were sourced from Barossa Valley wineries, where they once held powerful shiraz and cabernets. Some of these barrels are charred for extra complexity. But most are left fresh, to lend Fortis the intense red wine flavour profile that soaked into the barrel staves.

For this stronger ABV whisky, starward don’t chill filter. That means the whisky you pour into your glass closely represents the whisky that comes directly from the barrel.

Nose: Madagascan vanilla pods, rich toasted American oak, blackberry jam, raisins, caramelised fig, over ripe plums.
Palate: Upfront vanilla, quince paste, Muscadelle raisins, chocolate ganache, cinnamon & baked banana bread.
Finish: Viscous and long, balanced with a finish of baking spices from the oak and ripe figs & raisins.
Future: Sip straight and savour. Or shake it up in a classic cocktail, like vermouth, campari and orange bitters.

700mL | 50%ABV



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