Sainchargny Cremant Bourgogne Catharsis Rose Brut NV

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For almost a century, the history of Sainchargny has been closely linked with the history of three renowned co-operative wineries in Burgundy: Saint-Gengoux-de-Scissé, Chardonnay and Lugny, established in the 1920’s as a result of the vision and desire of men and women who sought to take destiny into their own hands. “We need to fight for our independence in the face of large négociants who are trying to impose their rules upon us”. This idea struck a chord with the wine-growers who knew only too well that their voice is stronger when united. The three wineries therefore decided to join forces in order to strengthen their presence.

Sainchargny has a resolutely forward-thinking mindset, but it believes it cannot envisage its future without taking account of its past. The new brand name for the Cave de Lugny’s Crémants de Bourgogne was chosen as a homage to its history and traditions. Its name is the reflection of its freedom, pride and commitment.

Sainchargny has earned a reputation for its high-quality sparkling wines. Its wine-growers are proud of what they have accomplished and reaffirm their commitment each year by devoting either all or part of their vineyards to the production of Crémant de Bourgogne. This constancy is what has given the brand its strength.

Catharsis offers an explosion of aromas, a rich array of red fruit, worthy of the finest rosés. Catharsis Rosé is a sparkling display of the very best our terroir has to offer. It offers the long-lasting memory of pure pleasure and emotion.

Made from 50 % Pinot Noir, 30 % Chardonnay, 20 % Gamay
It makes a great aperitif, and even better next to oysters, grilled fish, scallops



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