Sagatiba Cristalina Cachaca 700mL

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Sagatiba is distilled from fresh pressed sugarcane juice and maintains the bright, fruity flavours and stimulating natural bouquet of its main ingredient. Cachaça is often compared to rum, which is also derived from sugarcane. Yet with its lively and fresh cane characteristics, cachaça stands apart from rum, which is made from molasses, a by-product of sugar refineries. Sagatiba is distilled up to four times to render a spirit of maximum purity.
It is made with a modern and innovative distillation process (the first brand to produce this way!): Multi Distillation. In this process, we distill the rum more than once, separating any impurity. The result is a pure, crystalline liquid, which fits well with any mixture, from traditional caipirinha to drinks!



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