Plantation 'Experience' Pack 6x100mL

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 Rums so different, distinctive and delightful, they have to be tasted to be believed. The best way to begin exploring the range ? and much of the Caribbean and Central America ? is the Plantation Experience Artisanal Rum Box, containing a 100ml bottle of each of the following:

  • Plantation 3 Stars: a complex classic for daiquiris blended from unaged Barbadian, a mix of young and 10-year-old Jamaican, and up to 3-year-old Trinidadian rums.
  • Plantation Gran Anejo: a spicy sipper created using rums of at least three years of age from Guatemala and Belize, which are then aged in ex-Cognac casks for a further year.
  • Plantation Grande Reserve: this Barbadian rum is made from tropical fruit and coconut, which has been aged in Bourbon barrels in the Caribbean and then old French oak at Ch?teau de Bonbonnet, Cognac.
  • Plantation Original Dark: a fiery spirit from Trinidad combined with smooth counterparts from Jamaica in Cognac barrels to create a rum with the depth, darkness and thirst-quenching mystery of a well.
  • Plantation Peru: a woody, figgy and smoky limited edition distilled in 2004, aged for 12 years in situ, and then two more in France.
  • Plantation XO: a chocolaty multiple gold medal winner created to celebrate the companys 20th-anniversary using Barbadian rum and a wealth of know-how.



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