Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao 700mL

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What we have here is a true artisanal liqueur. Alexandre Gabriel, the brains trust behind Pierre Ferrand Cognac and Plantation Rhum, is also a bit of a cocktail geek and booze historian. He wanted to replicate the "old style dry French curacao" that they used to drink. This is a quite incredible liqueur.

 It's triple-distilled, blended with Ferrand cognac, then aged in ex-cognac oak for a short time to meld the flavours. The ageing gives the liqueur some woody, sea-breeze and lime zest notes.; This is a liqueur of intrigue and subtlety. There is a lot more going on here than just "generic orange liqueur". Vanilla, Mandarin, Old Spice, and sweet Indian spices all mingle on the palate. Sipping this over ice from a snifter wouldn't be out of place, but it's really a mixer. Take your Margarita to the next level, or drop a little in your next Gin and Tonic.



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