Pegasus Bay Chardonnay 2019/20

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The vines, which are almost 30 years old, grow on their own roots in well-drained stony soil on a series of north facing, gradually descending terraces. The site is warm during the day but cool at night, resulting in good ripening while retaining the grape?s natural acids. The plants are from an old, low cropping clone that is prone to having a mixture of small and large berries on the same bunch. It typically produces chardonnay with good concentration and depth.


We use traditional Burgundian winemaking methods. The fruit was hand picked in stages during April and then gently pressed. The non-clarified juice was put into large French oak barrels (puncheons), 70% of which were old in order to limit pickup of oak flavour. In these it underwent primary fermentation by the grapes? indigenous yeasts. The wine was then matured in the puncheons on its natural yeast deposit (sur lie). In the summer after harvest it started to go through spontaneous secondary (malolactic) fermentation. It was regularly tasted during this time and the fermentation was stopped when the ideal balance was obtained. It was bottled after 1 year in barrel.


White peach, nectarine, yellow plum and citrus fruits are at the front of the ample flavour and bouquet but they are supported by a complex underlay of grilled nuts, sizzled butter and barbecued corn. Palate entry is deceptively light but the wine expands in the mouth to become rich and concentrated. There is a sinuous spine of minerality and acidity that keep it refined and help draw out the lingering aftertaste.



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