Peckham's Kingston Sour Cider 750mL

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8.0% abv

The mysterious creatures that spend months beavering away in these barrels of pure Kingston Black juice are so difficult to tame that they are banished to their own space almost 500m from the main cidery.

These yeasts (Brettanomyces strains amongst them) deliver a very special character to the cider that invades their home each autumn. 

Sour notes reminiscent of a Spanish Sidra Natural. Unfiltered, enjoyably acetic, this is a proper dry cider, but is far from being austere.

Apples: Kingston Black

Aged: 10 months in oak

Yeasts: Wild yeasts, Brettanomyces

Residual Sweetness: 0.3g/l

Serve: Cool (7-10°C)



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