Panhead Lincolnstein Hop Dipped Hazy IIPA 440mL

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It's alive! And it's lowered, scalloped, frenched and shaved. Back from the dead. A 59'Continental D'Agostino daydream. New Neil McNickle's deluxe horror show. Wrap your shrunken head around THAT.

Meet the man behind this incredible 59' Lincoln, a masterful mild custom, as a part of a short documentary series appearing on Panhead's social feeds on December 12th. There's an art to making something better with just a few inspired choices, like this hop dipped and charged IIPA that was once a great hazy.

Dank and resinous aroma up front with citrus and sweet fruit to follow. A touch of zesty citrus on the palate with stone fruit and melon to round it out.

8.6% ABV / 440mL



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