Neudorf 'Rosie's Block' Moutere Dry Riesling 750ml

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The wine starts with lime blossom, a touch of honey and a refreshing zippiness. This energy carries through the entire glass.

The start of the palate is surprisingly full but a lovely controlled dollop of refreshing acid keeps the wine in check leaving an impression of full fruit and flowers.
Structurally the wine has the perfect combination of ripe fruits and taut pithy, textural notes with a spine of crystalline acidity.
Immaculate tapering finish leaves the impression of a wine which understands where it is headed. It traverses the palate with precision and purpose similar to that of a squeeze of lemon over a fat grilled scallop. This purity of expression is unencumbered by overt sweetness.
Neudorf Moutere Riesling Dry has quickly developed a reputation for clarity and cellaring potential. We enjoy this as an aperitif or as a glass heading into Sunday lunch.



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