Montille Volnay 1ER CRU Champans 2015

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"En Champans" is one of the most highly regarded vineyards of Volnay. This  steeply sloped terroir is very calcareous with a light brown soil and  sits at the highest end of the parcel (along the D973). Toward the  bottom, the terroir is more clay-driven with earth that vascilates  between brown and red.

"Champans" comes from the combination of two words, "champ" or "field" and "pans", which means "slope".

A Volnay Premier Cru "En Champans" is a wine that delivers vibrant red  cherry fruits and a structure of dense tannins. The palate is ample,  structured and thoroughly elegant. This wine tends to open up after  seven to 12 years.



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