Monin Ginger Syrup 700mL

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Used in cocktails, milkshakes, fruit punch, lemonades, mocktails, hot drinks, iced teas, bubble teas, sodas, desserts, smoothies, fondants and more.

Colour: Clear

Flavour: Strong, fresh nose of ginger roots, uncooked ginger root aroma.

Dried, powdered ginger was exported from India to Europe in Roman times, two thousand years ago. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word ?stringa vera?, meaning ?with a body like a horn?, referring to the ginger root which shape is reminiscent of a horn. In Medieval Europe, ginger was enjoyed so much, that it was thought to come from the Garden of Eden. Because of its spicy qualities, ginger gives a feeling of warmth when consumed. There are many uses for ginger: from ginger snap cookies to Asian food, to ginger ale, one of the first and most well known soft drinks. Aromatic MONIN Ginger will impart a distinctive, exotic taste to any of your flavoured beverages. 



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