Mills Reef Methode Traditional NV

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Crafted in the traditional way, the base wine was fermented, then transferred to pressure tested sparkling wine bottles. A secondary fermentation was initiated in bottle to create the fine mousse (bubbles). The wine was then aged on yeast lees in situ, with frequent turning to allow its rich flavours to develop. After disgorging the yeast lees, the bottles were topped with a sweetened liqueur before finally closing with cork.

Delightful aromas of fresh peach and vanilla biscuit, granny smith apples with grapefruit citrus nuances, and whisps of bready autolysis character. Fresh acidity beautifully balances the restrained fruit sweetness of lemon citrus and apple, with a lingering marmalade character. The very fine persistent mousse carries delicious breadyness to an off-dry honeyed finish.



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