Mammoth Rare White

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Tasting Note: The ‘Rare White’ was made using Sauvignon Blanc fruit from an organic vineyard on the Waimea Plains outside Nelson. Divergent from traditional winemaking, this wine was made using 100% whole bunches allowing carbo-blanc maceration, and was matured in ‘Che Glovera’ cigar oak barrels, for perfume, texture and ageability. A powerful wine with punchy meyer lemon, white flowers and stone fruits, with an enveloping texture and huge presence.

Winemaking Notes: “The fruit is picked by hand and…whole bunches go into our 8 tonne concrete fermenters. I do absolutely nothing for approximately 2 weeks which allows for the enzymatic carbonic activity inside the grape…hence the name ‘carbo-blanc’ (as used by me). After two weeks I dig out the whole bunches and press. Primary ferment finishes in Chassin coopered puncheons, Billon acacia hogsheads and my bespoke ‘Che Glovera’ Bordeaux coopered cigars that are 200 litres and very long to increase the lees to wine ratio. The wine stays in these vessels for a year without being touched before the lees is stirred back into suspension and the wine is moved to tank for a further 6 months lees ageing. No fining, no yeast, no enzyme.” – Michael Glover



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