Lunatic & Lover Botanical Rum Silver 700mL

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Lunatic and Lover Silver Botanical Rum has the botanicals: Roasted Dandelion & Burdock Root, Horopito, Mairehau, Orange Peel, Nutmeg, Pimento, Bay Leaf, Orris Root, Cacao Nib, Coffee Bean and Green Cardamom.

Lunatic and Lover Silver Botanical Rum is a sophisticated and complex spirit with light citrus top notes, layered over distinctive herbs and spices. There is a gentle heat on the palate which develops into an earthy, warm base.

The richness of this hand-crafted rum works in delightful tandem with the selected botanicals to create an unashamedly unique organoleptic experience. Mixologists will have plenty of opportunity to indulge their creative tendencies but on a simpler level, Lunatic and Lover Silver plays well with a good quality tonic or soda that allows its distinctive character to shine through.

Hand numbered bottles carefully packaged in a beautiful box. No added sugar or flavourings. Lunatic and Lover Silver Rum is made from scratch on a copper pot still and crafted by hand in small batches at the Lunatic & Lover Distillery, Auckland. Base rum is distilled from Molasses sourced from the historical Chelsea Sugar Works on Auckland’s North Shore. 

All botanicals used are organic – no essences or additives and the botanicals are introduced to the spirit via vapour infusion during a second distillation

700ml | 40%ABV



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