Louis Roederer Collection #244 750ml

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Louis Roederer Collection is the non-vintage of the 21st century.

Replacing Brut Premier in 2021, the latest release from the family-owned Champagne House takes the multi-vintage cuv?e to higher grounds.

The innovative creation of the Perpetual Reserve (a blend of non-malolactic 50% chardonnay and 50% pinot noir set aside and blended in closed stainless-steel vats every year since 2012); coupled with the influence of Roederer's sustainable organic and biodynamic farming; and the use of an extensive palette of oak-aged Reserve wines in the cuvee; all combine to bring a never-seen before dimension in the multi-vintage champagne world.

Each Collection is numbered and represents the number of blends created by the House since its foundation in 1776.



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