Kerpen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett 2019/20

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After almost 250 years, and for eight generations, viticulture has run in the Kerpen family.

Riesling is grown exclusively on around 8 hectares made up of several named vineyards: Graacher Himmelreich, Graacher Domprobst, Bernkasteler Bratenh?fchen and Wehlener Sonnenuhr.

The interplay of Moselle slate, south-southwest aspect, minerality and climate is unique. The result is wines with a fine play between fruit and acidity, a low alcohol content and a long life. After carefully selecting the grapes by hand, they are gently pressed. Then the must fermented in wooden barrels and matured to dry, fine-dry, fruit sweet or noble sweet wines.

Kabinett is the lightest style of Riesling in the German Pr?dikat system. It?s made using grapes and has a sweetness level of 148?188 g/L sugar.

This fresh, off-dry to dry white wine hails from colder German wine regions, like Mosel Valley and Rheingau. It usually has intense floral aromas and delicious apple, peach, and pear fruit flavors.

Kerpen's Kabinett pours a pale lemon-yellow with elegant and fruity aromas, mostly apple.
Vivid acidity and minerality on the palate, this young wine does not yet show his full potential but is already very well balanced



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