Kerpen Riesling 2021

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After the very hot and dry summer, the rains were early, September initially welcomed. When it rained again in the major mature phase, nervousness came on. But thanks to a golden October we could harvest grapes of outstanding quality, which can hope on high quality, aromatic and elegant wines. The pleasure is all the greater after the rain had initially clouded the outlook in September on a vintage year slightly. Since it was cool, especially at night, and the east wind dried the grapes quickly, the Botrytis could not spread into a large extent. In the past, droughts have always been very good wine years. And this is true then ultimately also for the 2015er because both the musts and the young wines taste fruity and aromatic with harmonious acidity structure.

Colour: Pale lemon with green reflexes. Bouquet: Very elegant and green of citrus fruits and apple. Taste: Typical Mosel Riesling with a lively acidity, elegant minerality and fine fruit aromas of lemon, peach and apple, with a slight touch of sweetness. wine which has a very good finish due to the alcohol level. Food Recommendation: Salads with fruit components and a lemon based dressing, light curry?s, Thai food, good in combination with a hint of spice.



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