Jose Cuervo Agavero Tequilla Liqueur

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Jose Cuervo`s Agavero is a liqueur made from Reposados and Anejos which rested in North American oak barrels. It's blended with essences of the aromatic Damiana flower, which grows in the region of Jalisco. In Mexico the Damiana flower applies traditionally as aphrodisiac. Enjoy it pure, cooled or on the rocks with a piece of lime or orange. Agavero it's basis is a 12 month rested Reposado and a 12 month aged Anejo, both of course 100% Agave Tequilas. Color: amber colored Nose: after herbs and essences of fruits, paired with the typical smell of blue agave Taste: nutritious with an aromatic, floral bouquet, discreet note of honey and a hint of caramel.



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