Henschke Hill Of Grace 2009

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Campbell Mattinson 96 Points! "Matured in 78% French oak / 22% American oak. Tasted this with Johann Henschke, who noted of the American oak inclusion: "It's an emotional connection but we also think it's been important to the Barossa for a reason." As familiar as Johann Henschke would be with Hill of Grace Shiraz it was still interesting to hear him say: "Every time I taste Hill of Grace I find it a privilege. If I have a bottle at home I put it in the fridge if there's any left over and make sure I appreciate each drop." On the 2009: "I'm pleasantly surprised. It wasn't a classic vintage. It was hot. It was challenging." It's a distinctive wine. It's so un-Grange like in its flavour profile. It tastes like it comes from a garden. Truffles, blackcurrant, soy, smoky oak, saturated plums, fennel and crushed dry spice. It's soft and mellifluous. There's a clear herbal influence, in the most positive of manners. Tannin is infused thoroughly with spice; the spice doesn't just come as lift, it's ingrained, as it is in high grade charcuterie. Mostly French oak, and it shows, but a little American oak, and it shows. Remarkably approachable even though the tannin curls and lingers. Immensely silken tannin. Immensely interesting wine."



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