Henri Bardouin Pastis 700mL

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The only pastis to be awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris Agricultural Show (Concours G?n?ral Agricole de Paris), Henri Bardouin Pastis distinguishes itself from other pastis by its elegance and richness of flavour.

Henri Bardouin has achieved the perfect balance of 65 plants and spices in this pastis, ensuring you will never tire of its unique flavour.
The ingredients are rigorously-selected for their aromatic qualities. The result is a Pastis so fine and elegant that it doesn't ruin the palate and does not alter the taste of the food and wine served during the meal.

Henri Bardouin Pastis is the ideal companion to fish, vegetables and dips, creamy anchovy dip (ancho?ade) or garlic mayonnaise (aioli), spicy dishes

700mL | 45%ABV



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