Hastings Albertine Gin 500mL

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Hastings Distillers products are created from the purest organic and biodynamic botanicals, pure plant alcohol and living water. Certified organic, they are truly botanical, natural drinks. Everything you would expect from premium craft spirits. 

Biogro Certified 

Hastings Distillers commitment to organics is shown in their Biogro certification, ensuring all aspects of their production (botanicals, alcohol, water, packaging) has been checked, audited and certified by New Zealand’s largest certification agency. 


The transparent seal on their bottles is made from environmentally friendly, compostable cellulose. The bottles themselves and label paper are made by long established European manufacturers under EU environmental regulations.

‘London Dry’

Historically, the term London Dry relates to the production methods. This dictates that the Gin must be made from pure 96% ABV neutral spirit of agricultural origin, all botanical flavour must be imparted through distillation and nothing can be added after, the Gin must be dry. While their Gins adhere to the law governing this term, they are a modern, unconventional interpretation of the classical style.

Tasting note: A complex and perfumed Gin containing 38 botanicals. Batch distilled in our 150L Arnold Holstein still and cut to strength with Kaweka spring water. Top notes of lime leaf, white currant, cedar, mango and floral hints. Exotic spice brings warmth and persistence to the palate.

Serving note: Perfect for an exotic Gin and Tonic or on ice as a sipping Gin. Used in cocktails, Albertine adds an ethereal dimension.




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