Guinness Special Export (Belgian) 330ML

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Special version of bottled Guinness for Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Brewed in Ireland for Anthony Martin.


Pours near black with a big tan head that laces nicely. The aroma is of roast malt and chocolate with a hint of coffee. It tastes of sweet roast malt with mild hops leading into a dry, hoppy, coffee accented finish.


Foreign Stout began with the beer that would become Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This was a stronger, extra-hopped version of the basic Guinness Extra Stout, brewed to survive long journeys overseas. The classic FES still exists in a few different forms, but many of the original destination countries (Jamaica, Sri Lanka, etc.) now have their own, locally-produced versions. Foreign stout occupies a position between basic stout and imperial stout. It is sweeter than a basic stout, but not as robust as an imperial. It is less fruity and less hoppy as well. Foreign stouts are sometimes made with local grains and adjuncts sugar is not uncommon. Alcohol ranges from 6-8%.

8% ABV | 330ml



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