Granddad Jack's Barbershop Coffee Liqueur 750mL

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Made in the heart of the Gold Coast, the Barbershop Coffee Liqueur is a liqueur made using locally sourced coffee from Gold Coast roasters, Social Espresso, then infused with coconut, vanilla, eucalyptus and cinnamon for a delightful, velvety nightcap or simply enjoyed on the rocks. 

Best served in a traditional Espresso Martini or our Spiked Affogato, making it a welcome (desert) guest at your new soirée. Delicious on the rocks or served with milk, yum!

Behind the name: This liqueur was handcrafted to honour Granddad Jack’s love of coffee (sometimes with a bit of extra oomph) and named after the 70 years Granddad Jack spent working as a barber where he was still charging $4 a cut when he retired at 70.

ABV: 25%



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