Gonzalez Byass NOE PX 375mL

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Established in 1835, this world famous house makes all the traditional Sherries - the three major styles: Fino, Amontillado and Cream -- seen under the Elegante label. Tio Pepe is the classic Fino Sherry and a true international brand. Apostoles Oloroso and Amontillado del Duque are rare old Solera Sherries - the most highly awarded and classical of their type.

Aged for 30 years, this sweet, dark sherry is incredibly rich and complex. It has deep aromas of caramel, dried fruit and toasted wood. The palate is equally rich and dense, with fig and plum notes coming through with a coffee like intensity. This intensely complex backdrop is balanced by sweetness, creating an excellent dessert sherry.



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