Gnarly Head Zinfandel 2020/21

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This Zinfandel is a bold wine grown from some of the oldest vines in California. Gnarly Head?s untamed vines produce full-flavored grapes, dense with aromas blackberry bramble, black raspberry, toasted oak, and hints of rose. This dense and jammy wine delivers supple tannins, medium body and balanced acidity. These flavors lead to a delicious finish for those who like big wines with a little attitude.

Older vines produce fewer grape clusters, but the small berries yield intense, concentrated flavors. Grapes were harvested in the cool of the night then delivered to the winery to be de-stemmed and gently pressed into fermentation tanks. After several days of fermentation, the wine is aged on a blend of French and American oak to craft a bold and structured blend with abundant fruit flavors and complexity.

This Zinfandel was harvested off "head trained" vines that resemble wild bushes with twisted old trunks and branches that spread out in all directions like unruly umbrellas ? truly gnarly heads. These gnarled, head-trained vines provided the inspiration for Gnarly Head?they look gnarly and the wines they create are powerful, concentrated, and in other words, gnarly.

Food Pairing: This wine pairs perfectly with barbecued ribs, braised meats (add it in the sauce), or your favorite pizza!



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