Forrest 'The Doctors' Ros? 2021

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Crafted from flavoursome Pinot Noir and dry, white aromatic Arneis, our Ros? is the perfect proof of the joy of thinking differently. Simply put, we?ve perfected a delicious full flavoured wine by slowing the grape plant?s ability to make sugar but not its ability to make flavour. And it?s all done in the vineyard. No chemistry tricks or genetic engineering wizardry here. Just sustainably grown, naturally produced lower alcohol wine.

Our Ros? hits you with an exciting explosion of flavour. Fresh strawberries and ripe red cherry, with just a hint of aromatic herbs like sage and thyme.
The wine is so fresh and light and lively it practically dances its way across your palate to a crisp and dry finish. It?s like summer in a bottle.



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