Eradus Pinot Noir

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Delicate and elegant style with succulent dark cherry and ripe tannins.

Our vines grow on a slender terrace at the edge of the Awatere River, with a climate and soil structure all of its own. Influenced by a fault line, a river, and the power of the nearby Pacific Ocean, our land is stony and dry, windy and cool, so that our wines have elegance, minerality and crisp clean acidity.
We let the untamable terroir of the Awatere Valley speak through our vines, creating wines
that are the Essence of the Awatere.

VINE AGE: 18 years old
WINEMAKING: Stainless Steel & French Oak
BARREL AGED: 9 months
SOIL TYPE: Clay & Riverstone
T.A: 5
PH: 3.65

Intensely perfumed with lifted savoury notes interlaced with dark cherries, plum and cracked pepper. The tannins are soft and silky, layered with plush, ripe red fruits, with a smooth elegant finish.

ALC: 13.5%



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