Eddyline Tantric Haze 440mL

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Tantric Haze Hazy IPA was brewed to be as tantalizing and as rich of an experience possible. We knew we needed overwhelming fruity aromas so decided to ensure this had a massive double whirlpool hopping followed by a triple dryhopping starting on the first day of fermentation and continuing throughout until our yeasts had given all they could. 

We wanted a soft and supple bitterness that was enough to balance but gentle and forgiving thus we massaged our water chemistry. We didn't want to overpower the aroma and flavour the hops had to give, thus did not add any hops for the bittering into the boil. 

Lastly we needed a yeast that had the power to biotransform the massive hop quantities into a bold rich juiciness. Any element by itself is not standalone worthy but altogether combine into this sensually hazy IPA that we believe will deliver you an experience of love and enjoyment!



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