Distillerie de Provence "Rinquinquin" 700mL

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An unusual blend of Vallée de la Durance peaches, peach tree leaves gathered in autumn, cane sugar and Lubéron white wine, RinQuinQuin is the Provençal aperitif par excellence!

- If you love flavored aperitifs and are looking for a taste of Provençal sunshine, then you'll love RinQuinQuin.

- RinQuinQuin can also be drunk with foie gras and is a pleasantly fruity partner to your desserts. It goes particularly well with fresh fruit salad.

- Add tonic (1 part RinQuinQuin to 5 parts tonic) for a long refreshing summer afternoon drink.

Our tip: As an aperitif, RinQuinQuin is drunk neat and chilled, adding ice cubes if desired




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