Dancing Water Central Otago Pinot Noir Rose 2023

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All parcels were hand harvested and subject to ruthless sorting in the field so that only the most pristine fruit made its way into the winery. All components were handled separately and once dry, were subject to a rigorous blending trial so that the final wine represented everything that we want our Ros? to be - summer in a bottle, all year round!

At bottling, this wine is a beautiful, pale pink, and aromatically, we have managed to capture the best of these three noble grape varieties. The Pinot Noir component brings fresh strawberries and a whisper of chocolate, while the Pinot Gris gives us beautiful, citrus and stonefruit notes and a beguiling waft of spiced fruit. Chardonnay gives us the glorious creaminess that binds everything together.

On the palate, this wine has the sort of presence that you seldom see in a ros?. Everything you could smell in the glass; you can now taste. The wine has freshness and juiciness, but also weight, complexity and length.

This wine is perfect as an ap?ritif ? just add friends and a warm summer evening, and you will want for little more. That said, our 2023 Pinot Noir Ros? has such extraordinary weight, texture and complexity, that it becomes an immediate winner when matched with seafood dishes, or white meats such as chicken or pork.

This wine is very special and only 1981 bottles were made.

Winemaker - Simon Nunns



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