Chateau Roubine Cru Class? Ros? 2022

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Located right in the middle of Provence, between Lorgues and Draguignan, Ch?teau Roubine is one of the oldest wine estates of France. Famous ever since the 14th century, the Templars yielded the property to the Saint James of Jerusalem Order in 1307. Its strategic position on the Roman road and its particular beauty attracted many visitors throughout the years. In 1953, the Ministry of Agriculture awarded the property with the ?Cru Class?? title, a prestigious vintage wines award.

Today's bottle reflects the Ch?teau rich history; the glass is adorned with the Templar coat of arms, featuring a dragon and a lion protected by the sun's rays. The vineyard is planted with 13 different varieties and has an ideal east-west exposure. Originally from Saint Tropez, the owner Valerie Rousselle and her team know how to use the best of nature to produce top-of-the-range wines with a worldwide reputation.

This bright, sunny, light-to-medium-bodied, salmon-coloured beauty is an elegantly crisp, refreshing, well-balanced, and deliciously dry C?tes de Provence Ros?. This Cru Class? is made mainly from the local Proven?al grape variety Tibouren, together with some Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Mourv?dre.

A blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and in little percentages Carignan, Tibouren, Syrah, Mourv?dre

Great as an aperitif. Or enjoy next to some Mediterranean or Asian dishes, mushroom quiche, seafood, soft cheeses



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