Carrick Bannockburn Sauvignon Blanc 2022

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This wine is made from 100% Estate Grown, single vineyard, BioGro certified organic, Central Otago fruit. The grapes for this wine are grown under a Sylvos training system to achieve various levels of ripeness which allows us to build layers of complexity and flavour. The wine is then fermented using wild yeast, with 60% of the blend fermented in our old French oak barrels. Carrick Sauvignon Blanc is made according to our philosophy of minimal intervention and is bottled without fining.

The characteristics of our sauvignon blanc are consistent year in and year out. A subdued mineral salty nose that is aromatic yet restrained when compared to a traditional New Zealand style. This is a fine white wine that matches well with food. The wine has a subtle fruit character with melon, mango and guava built into the texture of the wine resting on a foundation of acidity which has a sea-salt like character at times. This freshness makes it an ideal companion to fish, oysters and rich pasta dishes.



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