Brothers Beer Giant Peach Sour 440mL

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Giant Peach Sour
Peach Sour

Once upon a time there was a little brewery hidden amongst the leafy trees of Mt Eden. One day, the brewer that worked there ate the most delicious peach he had ever eaten. Once finished he planted the stone in the courtyard at the back of the brewery.

Within days a tiny seedling sprouted. The brewer tended the rapidly growing tree, fertilising it with spent grain and hops. Soon the tree had grown large and strong.
That summer it began to bear the largest peaches the brewer had ever seen.

There were so many huge peaches that the brewer and his friends could not possibly eat them all. So he decided to make a delicious Giant Peach Sour.

Light, crisp and tart with sweet giant peach and apricot flavours.
A touch of bitterness and hop aroma.

4.5% ABV / 440mL



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