Briottet Creme de Violette 700mL

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Located in the heart of Dijon, Maison Briottet story begins in 1836 when the firm was founded by vineyard owner James Demontry, though at the time the business just traded wine. By 1949, Edmond's son Andre produced Cr?me de Cassis de Dijon exclusively, and the company was making a name for itself in the local industry through active involvement in organizations furthering the development of Cr?me de Cassis de Dijon. 

Fifth generation G?rard Briottet joined the company in 1977, and recently retired in 2014. He passed operation of the company on to his children, Vincent and Claire Briottet, who joined the company in 2010 and look to take the Briottet legacy into the future. All of the aromatic power of violets are brought out in our Violet Liqueur. Enjoy in some sparkling wine. 

700mL | 18%ABV



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