Behemoth This IPA is making me Peckish - IPA 6x330mL

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"Right, I challenge you to find a better match in this world than Beer and Chips... Can’t, can you? You know we love unique and playful style and flavour creations when it comes to the craft beer world so, (although we are the quintessential odd couple, being a case of the South Canterbury rural farmers meeting us from the big smoke in Mt Eden) we have created a magnificent partnership. It’s the partnership you didn’t know you needed in your life ‘till it happened! Behemoth’s mission was to take the humble Salt and Vinegar chip and ‘Churly-fy’ it. So, of course we had to create the IPA slightly malty but a very hoppy Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin hopped IPA to pair with them. We present to you for your snacking and sipping pleasure, the ideal IPA to pair with our potato chip flavour, Salt and Malt Vinegar, Munch and Drink in good health!"

5.8% ABV / 6x330mL



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