Behemoth Adulting Session Hazy IPA 6x330mL

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Wake up early, get to work on time, I’m Adulting. Gotta save every dollar, ever y dime. I’m Adulting. Can’t eat lollies every day. I’m Adulting. Gotta keep an eye on what I weigh. I’m Adulting. Can’t just go out on a bender. I’m Adulting. Gotta save that coin for a blender. I’m Adulting. Can’t be sporadic, gotta plan. I’m Adulting. Gotta get my kids in my mini van. I’m Adulting. We know you have to adult sometimes. So we made this seriously hoppy but session-able Hazy IPA with Riwaka, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo and Idaho#7 hops. Massive fruit flavours and aromas without the massive alcohol so you can still adult if you need to. I’m Adulting!

4.5% ABV / 6x330mL



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