Thomson's Whisky Distillery Of The Month!

The Thomson Whisky Distillery is located in Riverhead, North West of Auckland. Founded in 2014, it’s the “spiritual home” and where the spirits are mashed and distilled.
Just a handful of ingredients form the basis of the single malt whisky distilled here. The Craft credentials are real because the single malt whisky is made from scratch, by hand, using traditional methods for contemporary ends. Thomson's create wonderful whiskys and great gins! 

The Team from Thomsons Whisky will be joining us in store from 4pm on Friday August 14th to share their Whiskys & Gins that we have been loving, and spin a yarn or two with you!
So mark this date in the calendar! Click here to learn more, and see the full range, or check out the lines that are exciting us this week from The Thomson Whisky Distillery!



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