Pask Winery Of The Month May 2021

Pasks vision began in the air. That’s where founder Chris Pask – flying in the cockpit of his topdressing plane – first saw the potential for growing exceptional grapes in the light, stony soils of the ancient Ngaruroro riverbed.

Sheltered from Pacific breezes and several degrees warmer than any other New Zealand wine-growing area, it was in this sun-drenched valley that Chris planted Pask’s first vines thirty years ago. A prized 1985 Cabernet Sauvignon marked our first vintage and from this modest beginning, the world-renowned Gimblett Gravels wine-growing district was established.

More than three decades later, they are as passionate as ever about making authentic wines to be shared and enjoyed. Their award-winning winemaking team use sustainable methods ensure the quality and consistency of their wines. From grape-picking in our 60 hectares of vineyards to bottling at their Hawke’s Bay winery, there is hands-on care throughout the entire winemaking process.

At Pask, they remain singularly focused on making enduring styles of wine of great value. 


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