McLeod's Brewery Of The Month!

McLeod's are an awesome little brewery that have been putting Waipu on the map! And we could not be more excited to have them as our Brewery Of The Month for July!!

Mcleod's is a brewery set up by two brothers, Geoff & Clayton McLeod, who are continuing to impress in every facet. And when we asked them what their story was, this is what they told us:
"Surf, sand, Scottish heritage - it's all a part of the mix here! If ever a brewery was born to endorse the world’s first kilt-required surfing competition, McLeod’s Brewery is it. Of course, it hasn’t been all rainbows and longboards. It took us a while to get here.

We spent childhood summers burning our feet on the sand and riding waves in Waipu Cove. This slice of delicious Pacific paradise was home-away-from-home when we were wee ones, so when it came time to kick corporate life to the kerb, we knew where to go.

Waipu’s Pizza Barn was already a ‘thing’ when we bought it in 2003, but we quickly put our fingerprint on it (i.e. draped in more tartan than a McLeod within earshot of Dunvegan). We then hired half the village and worked right alongside them in the kitchen and at the bar - and still do! We even created a menu we loved. All was grand …except the beer.

Big fans of craft beer from travels abroad, we craved brews bold in flavour and wholly authentic. We also wanted to make it right out back. So we did.

Tapping into local immigrant Scottish heritage, we found a name (Brothers Gwynne Brewing didn't have quite the same ‘ring’). After launching in 2014 – with a few ‘starts’ and ‘stops’ - here we are and there you are reading this. You know what they say about overnight success, though? It takes ten years and then some. But it's all good, and we're enjoying the ride..

We now have a great ‘brew crew’ which includes Head Brewer Jason Bathgate who’s worked for no less than two champion New Zealand breweries. At his side and with us since Day One is Assistant Brewer Milton Mewett. All of us work hard and love what we do. Not much more exciting than that, really. Truth be told, we’re pretty keen to get that surf compo organized. Like our beers, it could be great fun and nothing short of pure dead brilliant."

We've just received a shipment of delicious kegs from the McLeod's team, so watch out for these beers hitting the taps in the coming days, or grab yourself a bottle! ...or three!


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